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We help you tell your story through a series of one-on-one interviews compiled in a carefully crafted bespoke book or documentary film. A special gift for families friends, charities and companies - creating your legacy; the ultimate gift.

Speak your truth, tell your version of your life - it's highs, lows and what you've learnt.


Record your legacy, it's greatest gift - your thoughts, fears, philosophy, dreams, stories, milestones all bound in a beautiful book.


The next generation will thank you and so will generations after - tell your children and your grandchildren about your beautiful journey. 





Having completed my Masters of Producing at Melbourne University's Victorian College of the Arts this exciting arm of the business is focused on using another medium to help you tell your story. Capturing a story, a legacy on film has been the most exciting foray into the world of documentary filmmaking. I film and interview family, friends, colleagues, business people, charity workers, survivors from all walks of life, capturing their essence, their truth and helping them tell their story - preserving it for generations to come. 

There is no greater gift.

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