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What I've Learnt Podcast

Everyone has a story to tell, and a lesson to learn. Launched in 2020, What I’ve Learnt is a popular podcast that features journalist Deborah Blashki-Marks having intimate conversations with a range of incredible guests, including the likes of Eric Bana, Marcia Hines, Nick Littlemore, Kate Ceberano, Troye Sivan and more. As a journalist of over 30 years, Deborah has been lucky enough to interview some of the most influential people from around the world - actors, musicians, designers, doctors, business professionals and writers - and this journalistic talent has translated seamlessly into podcasting. Now over 100 episodes later, What I’ve Learnt has become a unique platform for international and national talent to delve deep into their own challenges, successes, failures, and life lessons. Deborah’s upcoming What I’ve Learnt Gems book is a collation of the best quotes from almost four years of interviews with guests.

Season 1

Top guests include Eric Bana, Troye Sivan, Jane Harper

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